Need a Hand?

Hand sign will point your customers in the right direction! Colorful and detailed, use this handy folk art trade sign vertically or horizontally.

I Love Tools

Curious sculpture expresses the love of tools. If you have an acquired taste for the offbeat, add this one to your odd and unique toolbox!

Rocket Cup

Sip your morning joe from this nifty ceramic rocket and get your jets moving! Your ray-gun mug assures you’ll be undisturbed till the very last drop.

What the?

Weird little bunny bird art is one-of-a-kind! And, for the collector with a highly refined taste for the bizarre, this little artful gem is a delight!

Spiked Yak Collar

This nifty spiked device protected goats and yaks from wolves and other predators. With its angry spikes and charming bell, make it the star of your eclectic collection.